According to Rayleigh is a participatory work where viewers are invited to exchange a light bulb from their home with a blue light bulb that is given away. On a displayed city map they can indicate the future location of the blue bulb in the city.

According to Rayleigh is a multiple layered work that assumes a simple visual form to better unfold in the visitor's life and imagination. First it is about the viewer, its connection and correlation in society. Then about our relationship to science and our need to explain our environment and to unveil its mystery. Finally it is about the idea of opportunities and chance taken, about the very freedom of action, curiosity and will to trust so much embedded in human actions.

Rayleigh was the scientist that demonstrated the law that explains why the sky is blue. The blue waives have the longest waive length therefore we see only the blue of the sky from a distance.

According to Rayleigh
According to Rayleigh
photo from Ivan Petrovic